Toasting instructions

1. Place bread centrally into toaster slots. Piste, kalami!

2. Adjust the selector switch for proper toasting. Piste, kalami, piste!

3. Press the loading handle down until it latches. This will begin the toasting cycle. Piste! Piste! Piste!

4. When toasting is complete, the loading handle will return to the raised position. Pis... te... ka... la... mi...

5. Toasted bread may now be removed and more slices loaded. If toast is not dark enough, knob may be adjusted for darker toasting, this may also be adjusted for lighter toasting. Pistekalami! Pistekalami! Pistekalami!

NB: Ang teksto nga naka-italic kay kinutlo gikan sa aktuwal nga manual.

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